A Gingham Archer

After finishing my arrow archer, I decided another one was in order. I’d been wanting one in a black and white gingham so I found the fabric on fabric.com and proceeded to cut it out. One change I made to this version was to lengthen the body by 2 inches. When I cut it out, it looked a bit long, but after sewing it and putting it on, I decided that it’s the perfect length.

I used Lauren’s blog post about plaid matching to pattern match my gingham. I’d never pattern matched and thought I was perhaps getting ahead of myself making this my first project to do so…but, the post is super helpful and I was able to successfully match my seams!! It was time consuming…but worth it. I followed advice to cut my pockets, back yoke and placket on the bias. I think it adds some nice visual interest and ensures I don’t need to pattern match more seams 🙂

Matched side seams.


Matching along the front


Nice long sleeves


I actually really like it with the sleeves rolled up.


Another successful Archer! After this, I was ready for a few quick sews which I will blog about soon. I’m already planning for a couple sleeveless versions for when we head to Australia and Singapore in a couple months.



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